Friday, November 19, 2010


A number of long-time Democrats met at the home of Linda Laird to discuss current issues. As a result several attendees visited the Hutchinson office of Sen-elect/Representative Jerry Moran to voice their concerns. Items addressed included the "Millionaire Bailout"/repeal of DADT/rising costs of health care. Local, state and national officials need to know that we are constituents as well and demand their attention. Actions such as this, writing a letter or making a phone call have an impact. Spurred on by rant radio/FOX and the Tea Party, extremists have used these tactics to make their presence known. It's time for Progressive, Liberal Democrats to take up these tools and learn to use them effectively.


We're here! We're motivated! We're not going away! It's very likely voters will soon suffer from a huge case of election remorse. The reality of the results of the 2010 election will become clear and we're going to be ready for the fallout. An effort is already underway to recruit candidates and events are in the planning stage to make Reno County Democrats bigger and better than ever. The odds may be against us but when you know your principles are right you just don't quit. The Kansas 101st District Representative from Reno County has given the public a good look at just what the GOP and extreme conservatives are all about with his actions, spreading lies and discrimination via an e-mail. Watch for coming events and attend the monthly meetings to stay informed and involved as we move forward.


It wasn't the results we had hoped for. Across the state, across the nation the power of money from special interests, a sorry lack of accurate information and a combination of voter apathy and anger shook the foundations of government and incumbants. We can be proud of the campaigns mounted by Kansas Democrats. Obviously being on the right side of issues doesn't always translate into winning. In an interesting development several of the GOP candidates booked space at the Anchor Inn alongside the Election Night Democratic Party. They ate and left as the reporters and photographers from the Hutch News stayed on to talk with RCDems. Best lesson of the night, hold your head high and be proud of standing up for what you believe in. Our congratulations to the fine Democratic candidates we supported - our sympathies to Kansas at the loss of outstanding public servants that served the state and the political process so well.


Democratic headquarters was a beehive of activity on the last Saturday prior to the election. About a dozen volunteers showed up to make last minute calls in support of candidates and to encourage voters to go to the poles. Though the reports from polls don't look promising, Reno County Democrats don't give up easily. And there's always that next opportunity on the horizon.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Let's add "OF BEING A DEMOCRAT IN KANSAS"! It's not going to be an easy election but one way to make sure the opposition is successful is to sit back and do nothing. There are calls to be made to get out the vote; doors to be knocked on to encourage and inform voters; signs to be displayed to show support. Don 't let this election pass you by without making the effort to make a difference. Watch for opportunities to get involved. In the short time before November 2 there will be a chance for you to do your part. To find out how and when contact Reno County Democrats at or call 620-200-0279. Your efforts matter and can make the difference.


An unexpected call the day of the Holland/Brownback debate and the hospitality of Jon Powell added up to a pleasant evening for RCDemocrats as they gathered to watch the spectacle with Holland's running mate, Kelly Kultala. Kultala had joined the RCDems earlier this summer to march in the Emancipation Day parade. Attendees at the improptu event were pleased with Holland's appearance at the debate. None are surprised that Senator Sammy doesn't wish to appear side by side with him in further debates.


Jack Mace (KS House District 104) and Curt Miller (KS House District 101) appeared at the forum sponsored by Hutch CU, Hutch News and Young Professionals at the Ramada Inn to answer questions submitted by voters. Both did an outstanding job and are deserving of all the support we can muster. Signs for both candidates and others are available at the Reno Co Democratic HQ.